From Presentation Ask to Mic Drop

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Remember that speech class you slept through in college? Neither do we... but the real world requires presentations and we could all use a little help. Pitch is here from the presentation ask to the mic drop to walk you through structuring and delivering your presentation.  Stop by our meet up to practice your next pitch!



From team leads looking for a lunch and learn to individuals who just want to practice presenting for their next team meeting, we got you. 



No one wants to see you read off your slide deck. You've said um 30 times in a row and all of us are cringing. That's why.  

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US! Oh? More descriptive? Gotcha. People who have been there, forced themselves to learn to speak, and are ready to help you. 

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On Wednesdays We Workshop 

Wednesdays are the worst, so spend them being the best with us. One Wednesday a month, we'll host a meet up in Austin with food, wine, and of course, public speaking. Come hang out with us, learn how to polish your speech, and get in some practice with a real and supportive audience. 

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